Pancho at middle school graduation

Change One Thing

When Pancho was 12 he used to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to walk to the bus to travel up to 2 hours to pick tomatoes for his family. Instead of school he had to work to support his mother, brother and 3 sisters.

Because of Change One Thing support, Pancho has graduated high school is now enrolled in college studying law, doing well, and his family is thriving!  Women and children in our program are food insecure. Which simply means, for some, they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. So, Linterna del Camino currently provides meals 2 days a week, employ 3 teachers and 4 staff, and serve about 70 children every week.


Children in their program need to get out of the fields and into school.

So, they help them do that every step of the way.


Children in their program need serious help learning to read, write and learn the basic skills necessary to further their education. Women in their program need to learn to read, write and learn basic skills.

So, they provide teachers, supplies, tutoring, and a community center that serves as the hub for all of our activities.


The program uses your donations to run each program, purchase every ounce of food, pay their teaching staff and provide everything necessary for this to happen. With each new monthly donor they are able to offer more meals, hire more teachers and make new opportunities available.

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