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We love groups to join us. There are exciting things for all ages and multi-generational groups find the experiences life changing 


Serving at Lantern Hill is a great way for families to learn and grow together. 

Long Term

Long-term volunteers are always welcome. We especially need help in the summer to assist with our summer program.


Whether you’re coming as a group, with your family, or by yourself, trips to Lantern Hill are life-changing experiences – for the children we work alongside and the participants joing us.
Youth Groups

“When I was a Youth Pastor, I had no idea how to plan a mission trip, where to go, or what to do when I got there.”


This is how Lantern Hill can help.  We recognize that planning a mission trip can be very overwhelming.  We aim to reduce stress, help you with every step, and use our experience to plan a trip exactly how you’d like it.  Pre-planning, packing lists, transportation support, 24-hour service, translation, food, lodging, EVERYTHING.  We will help your group experience International Missions, no problem!

Families & Individuals

Families that serve together share incredible life experiences that translate into growing closer, developing trust, and serving beside one another to make the world a better place. Individuals who have chosen to serve with us represent an essential model for us, The Servant. These types of individuals usually find themselves knee-deep in new relationships and ideas and go back ready to change the world!


Lantern Hill is ready for every experience. Whether it’s your family of 5 or just you,  we will create an experience just for you!

College, Seminary Students, & Groups

Alternative Spring Break Programs, Cross-Cultural Exchanges, and Internships make up an essential part of our servant participants.  We have had College Campus Ministries, Seminary Students, and College Friend Groups come to Lantern Hill and make significant service happen while engaging culture, visiting tourist and cultural sites, and making new friends. 


We have everything your college or seminary might need to create a meaningful cross-cultural educational program, short-term or long-term internship, or any other cultural exchange program you desire to create or participate in.

Short & Long Term Volunteers

Short Term = one month or less

Long Term = one month or more

Lantern Hill has opportunities for Short & Long Term Volunteers within our daily programs, summer mission trip season, and long-term servant positions.  Volunteers generally raise money to support their stay at Lantern Hill, work in the programs that fit their gifts, and dedicate their time to serving those in need.  Our volunteers have done everything from helping our organization with administrative service, initiating new programs, serving beside our partner organizations, and leading experiences with our mission trip teams all summer! 

  1. Use our Contact Us page and send a note or call Abby Williams at 702-769-1751 to start the process and see what dates are available.

  2. Decide on your dates and the number of participants. After confirming date availability, send a $200 non-refundable servant trip deposit for each person attending. Please make your check out to Friends of Lantern Hill and send it to this address:
    ​Friends of Lantern Hill c/o Robert Harper
    ​1907 Buckington Dr. 
    ​Chesterfield, MO 63017

  3. Once we receive your deposit we will contact you about the rest of the steps!

The Details

Lantern Hill specializes in Mission Trips for youth groups, church fellowship groups, and mission teams.  We match your personal gifts to the needs of our communities and partner organizations.  There is nothing that you “fit into.”   Through our intensive learning opportunities and reflective processing time, we will stand beside you and guide you through your experience.  This processing time, combined with activities designed to get you thinking and developing your servant's heart, will lead you into a rhythm of service that will begin to change your perspectives and offer you a new way of looking at the world.


ALL ARRIVALS INTO SAN DIEGO NEED TO BE SCHEDULED BEFORE 2 PM AND ALL DEPARTURES OUT OF SAN DIEGO NEED TO BE SCHEDULED AFTER 12 PM. Groups who book flights outside of our desired time frames will be responsible for the lodging, travel, and all costs associated with staying in San Diego. Travel times to and from the border affect overall travel arrangements and are very important to abide by.


In order to reserve the dates, you desire a $200 non-refundable deposit is due immediately for each participant. Once reserved, 50% of your group's total donation is due 120 days prior to your servant experience and your final donation is due 45 days prior to servant experience. Please understand that timely payments help us to continue to offer our ministry programs, support our ministry partners, and keep Lantern Hill serving!


Lantern Hill offers scholarships for college students and persons with financial needs

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